Automation of Melon Cultivation

System Overview

This system enables semi-automated melon cultivation using the CONPROSYS™ PAC series.

Systems Diagram

Information is collected from various sensors to visualize environments.
Our system with the integrated CONPROSYS PAC series will help to solve challenges faced by commercial melon farmers such as hard work and the introduction of advanced know-how.
The system’s semi-automated functions including watering, draining, opening/closing of skylights, and temperature control using a boiler to achieve a drastic reduction of labor hours required.


  • CONPROSYS PAC series

    The system is equipped with ”CODESYS”, a globally popular PLC engine, enabling customers to develop applications using a programming language such as ladder diagrams/SFC/function block diagrams complying with an international standard (IEC61131-3). The integrated development environment for developing applications is being offered for free so that all necessary programs including control logic and field bus I/O are designed seamlessly.

  • Monitoring function (CONPROSYS HMI)

    Included in the controller are a Web server function and drawing software for assisting in Web page creation. Customers can create a screen that visualizes the sensor information without using a cloud server.

  • Environmental temperature resistance from -20℃〜60℃.

    The controller offers excellent environmental temperature resistance, posing no problems for use in such inhospitable environments as a melon house.

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