Agricultural Production Control System

System Overview

This system obtains environmental measurement data from a vegetable plant to allow users to check remotely what’s happening in the factory while staying in the office or away from the facility.

Systems Diagram

This system helps to create a visualized control system for vegetable plants that controls variables such as room temperature and humidity using the controller equipped with built-in 3G /920 MHz communication functions as well as the signals and controls provided by various sensors.



    CONPROSYS VTC provides a simple means for achieving functions such as conditional judgment about various collected signals and filtering.
    Programming CONPROSYS VTC is as easy as setting icons using a Web browser to create a program in scripting language without setting up a development environment.
    CONPROSYS VTC also provides functions such as serial communication and e-mail notification in the event of troubles.


    Anyone can easily create a monitoring screen using a Web browser without programming knowledge.
    It can be used to set up control operations on the spot or as a means of visualizing the situation of the production system.

  • CONTEC cloud data service

    We offer a cloud data service that allows users to easily accumulate the data collected from sensors in the cloud server and browse it at any time.
    CONPROSYS also has a data transmission function to the cloud, providing an easy and useful data collection system.

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