Public Restroom Monitoring System

System Overview

This system performs remote monitoring of public restrooms to provide appropriate maintenance (determination of cleaning intervals), thus promoting water saving at public restrooms and environmental protection.
It helps to detect long-period restroom users to provide a secure and safe environment.

Systems Diagram

The system performs measurement and monitoring using the signals from various sensors and visualizes facility trouble and usage rate.
The system is configured based on the knowledge of usage rates so that appropriate cleaning intervals are set, long-period users are detected, and an e-mail notification is activated.
Visualization of usage rates is also available.


  • Easy control (CONPROSYS VTC)

    Processes such as e-mail notification concerning long-period users and valve operation can be set up without programming.
    Customers can set up and change control items themselves, which is useful to set up various other control items.

  • Monitoring function (CONPROSYS HMI)

    Customers can create monitoring screens themselves. With this function, customers can set up a screen layout suited to each facility and the contents to be displayed.
    The screen can be viewed using a Web browser, making it easy to link with the signage software.

  • Data transmission function

    The system is capable of transmitting sensor information to the cloud system, enabling users to perform, based on the information brought to the cloud, various processes as a whole including planning for maintenance and cleaning.

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