Discharged Wastewater Amount Monitoring System

System Overview

This system monitors the amount of discharged wastewater at construction sites using the CONPROSYS™ series.
It observes whether the discharged amount exceeds the upper limit imposed by the wastewater disposal agreement, and detects the malfunction concerning other discharge control items when no wastewater is discharged.

Systems Diagram

The system measures the amount of discharged wastewater from construction sites using flow rate pulses, and sends the collected information regularly to the cloud server.
It has functions such as e-mail notification based on the measurement data of the discharged amount.
We establish a system that allows users to collectively browse the operational status of individual construction sites by accessing the cloud server.


  • Mobile communication

    In this system, the operational status of the target device is transmitted via Internet/mobile (3G) network, eliminating the need for setting up a new Internet connection or wiring for wire communication.

  • A wide variety of interfaces

    In addition to the detection of the amount of discharged wastewater, it is capable of monitoring such environmental properties as temperature and sound noise as well as the operational status of construction equipment.


    CONPROSYS HMI/VTC, which allows users to edit the monitoring screen and add control signals easily, can also be used to tailor threshold values or measurement items to individual construction sites.
    The editable monitor screen helps to create a screen suited to each construction site.

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