Electricity Storage System Demand Control

System Overview

This demand control system for an electricity storage system uses CONPROSYS as a control device.

Systems Diagram

The system controls an electricity storage system using the communication function provided by Battery Management Units or Inverters.
It also has digital input/output to receive interlock signals.
We offer an SDK (software development kit) so that the system can be used as a Linux controller.


  • CAN interface

    This system is an IoT/M2M controller equipped with CAN, RS-422A/485, digital input/output, and LAN interface, and an Ethernet hub.
    It can be used as a compact Linux controller with various interfaces.

  • SDK

    We provide a software development tool kit that allows customers to develop original IoT devices using our CONPROSYS hardware.
    The SDK is available in two types: one is the “cross build version” for building from Ubuntu PC (development PC) provided with a serial connection, and the other is the “self build version” that allows the developer to create a program using CONPROSYS hardware.

  • Environmental temperature resistance from -20℃ to 60℃.

    The controller offers substantial resistance to environmental temperatures, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

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