Alarm E-mail Notification System

System Overview

When errors such as defects during inspection, an e-mail alarm is sent to the personnel of the previous processes about that. Even when he is away from the station, other related people can receive immediate, real time notification about the occurrence of abnormalities.

Systems Diagram

CONPROSYS M2M Gateway monitors the PLCs of the inspection process. When CONPROSYS recognizes the occurrence of errors, it sends e-mail to notify personnel of each process about it. This system ensures that people in the vicinity are aware of the situation through e-mail notification even if he is away from the station.
It is possible to include the error code in the notification to facilitate advance preparation.


  • E-mail Notification about occurrence

    CONPROSYS M2M Gateway series obtains PLC data to monitor status signals. CONPROSYS tests status signals and sends an alarm e-mail.
    The evaluation criteria for severity and notification contents can be set using a task scripting function. Users can configure the settings for the CONPROSYS VTC function easily via web browser without special development tools.

  • Internet connection via mobile network

    The use of a 3G mobile network allows users to operate the system separately from existing networks.
    There is no need for wiring or changes of existing networks.

  • Varies of Signal Acquisition

    CONPROSYS has various signal acquisition functions. The system can detect error condition by PLC communication, as shown in this case, and analog/digital input signals.
    In addition, users can collect information by setting a simple communication process in CONPROSYS VTC.

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