Measurement of Energy Consumption and Environment of facilities

System Overview

The CONPROSYS Gateway series supports data collection using MODBUS communication.
MODBUS communication is available with many devices including power meters, sensors, and remote I/Os. These devices can be used to monitor the energy consumption of equipment and measure the environment.

Systems Diagram

In this example, the system monitors the operational status of equipment as well as measures the energy consumption and ambient environment. By using MODBUS protocol, a general-purpose communication standard, it is possible to apply MODBUS-compatible devices including power meters and particle sensors.
With concurrent analog signal measurement, one controller can monitor equipment status as well as measure energy consumption and the ambient environment.
CONPROSYS also detects the operational status of each facility by measuring its energy consumption and thus helps reflecting collected information about idle facilities to created production plans.


  • Various interfaces

    The CONPROSYS Gateway supports not only digital/analog signals but also PLC communication and general-purpose MODBUS communication, enabling users to collect data from sensors and controllers via serial / Ethernet data communication.
    Using daisy chain connection based on RS-485, the system allows communication with up to 30 devices.

  • Web monitoring (CONPROSYS HMI)

    The CONPROSYS HMI function, built into CONPROSYS series, enables a graphical presentation of collected signals.
    Users can easily create and browse monitor screens using Web browsers installed on their laptop computers or other devices without any other software.

  • Coordination with Upper-level system

    CONPROSYS series have a transmitting function of collected data to upper-level systems as standard. It enables users to easily set up coordination with upper-level systems for data processing.
    CONPROSYS also has an OPC-UA server and MODBUS/TCP slave function and it can be coordinated easily with upper-level systems including SCADA and other management systems.

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