Using IoT Technology to Reduce Operation Management Costs for Environmental Testing and Enhance Their Operational Efficiency

By utilizing IoT technology, it is possible to achieve reductions in operation management costs for environmental testing, while also enhancing their efficiency. This system enables all aspects of environmental testing—including operation monitoring, error notification, and reservation management—to be performed by connecting CONPROSYS™ IoT devices to X-ray testers, thermostatic chambers, vibration testers, and impact/drop testers and compiling all operational data in a server.

Environmental Testing Issues in The Manufacturing Industry

  • Operation statuses cannot be confirmed without actually visiting worksite. Real-time operation statuses cannot be confirmed.
  • Testing cannot be completed according to plan due to long equipment recovery times.
  • Paper-based reservation management systems are difficult to manage. Even if reservations are made, usage as planned may not be possible.

Resolve These Issues with CONPROSYS™


  • The visibility of operation information was enhanced using the CONPROSYS™ HMI monitoring screen creation tool embedded in the IoT device. This means that the operation status could be checked from anywhere in the company.
  • Notifications regarding device errors were sent to the e-mail address of the person in charge, shortening the time necessary for recovery and reducing any deviation from plans.
  • The server was equipped with a reservation management function that was linked with operation information to enable more efficient operations. Browsing and reservation of open machines was made possible from anywhere using an Internet browser.

Advantages of IoT and Digitalization

  • Testing data and work history can be digitalized

    Using IoT devices, it is possible to digitalize data management functions conventionally performed on paper. With CONPROSYS™, data can be saved to embedded flash memory or an SD card. Because saved data can be viewed and downloaded using an Internet browser, it is not necessary for operators to go around to each machine collecting data.

  • Wireless communications network

    Using a USB wireless adapter (one of our recommended products), Wi-Fi connections can also be established. This eliminates the need for time consuming wired LAN construction while enabling layout changes to be made flexibly.

  • Large screen display of operation status

    Monitoring screens can be viewed anywhere using an Internet browser. By using the DS-220 Digital Signage Player with embedded Internet browser to display monitoring screens on a large display, it can be utilized for sharing operator data or displaying factory tour information.

  • *
    Some functions will be limited when using CONPROSYS™ HMI with the DS-220 Digital Signage Player. Contact us for details.

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