Operator Attendance Management Using IoT Technology

We have designed a system for managing the attendance of cell production operators. This was done by installing motion sensors and IoT devices in the cell production area to collect information regarding operator movement. By using the CONPROSYS™ telemeter system (CPS-TM341 series) and CONPROSYS™ nano (remote I/O), centralized monitoring of 20 interspersed areas is possible, with collected data able to be viewed anywhere using a Web browser. Collected data can also be downloaded and tabulated using worksheet software such as Excel to enable analysis of times, frequencies and time zones, etc., for operator attendance and unattendance.

Cell Production System Challenges

  • Recording of work man-hours is performed manually, resulting high man-hours spent on management. Also, since the recording of work man-hours is based on workers’ self-reported data, it is necessary for them to be objective if the data is to be used for analysis.
  • Although our goal is to identify loss time and wasteful processes to enable improvements in productivity to be made, work times cannot be correctly measured, making analysis impossible.
  • It is not possible to accurately calculate work man-hour costs.

Solve the problem by CONPROSYS

Solve the problem by CONPROSYS

Advantages of IoT and Digitalization

  • Automating work man-hour management for work improvements

    Man-hours spent on management can be reduced by automating the collection of work man-hour data instead of manually recording workers’ self-reported data as has been done up till now. This objectively recorded data can then be used to make work improvements.

  • Improvements in production efficiency

    Work hours can now be accurately recorded instead of being difficult to ascertain as has been the case up till now. This means that worker unattendance times can also be accurately recorded, such as times when workers leave their stations to replenish parts or consumables when stocks run out during work processes, and in turn enable the accurate calculation of man-hour costs and the optimization of factory flow lines and part layouts on the factory line. Furthermore, the visualization of operator attendance statuses can also be expected to yield improvements in operator awareness.

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