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System Overview

This is an example of the system of manipulator control equipment for iPS cell and ES cell operation that requires delicate control.

Systems Diagram

The manipulator has X, Y, and Z axes, and the motor that inserts and removes the needle into the tip is controlled. The needle is given the SIN wave analog signal, and control is performed to make it easy to insert the needle by vibrating using the piezoelectric element. Delicate control can be achieved by using the Contec embedded computer and measurement control board.


  • Motion control
    Using Windows software, the stepping motor and servo motor can easily provide 8-axes control (constant speed, linear acceleration and deceleration, S-shaped acceleration and deceleration, positioning operation, origin return operation).
    Encoders that are compatible with differential output, TTL level output, and open collector output can be used.
    Pulse output up to 9.8 Mpps can be performed, and the command pulse for motor control can be selected from common pulse, 2-pulse, or 90-degree phase difference pulse.
    Speed and position override can be performed, and speed and target position can be changed during operation.
    The comparator circuits can be used to compare the setting value and counter value. Each axis has two comparator circuits, which can be used to compare the setting value and counter value. In addition, the signal can be output while establishing comparator conditions. Each axis has seven general-purpose inputs. Five of the inputs can be used as alarm input, positioning complete input, deceleration stop input, counter latch input, and positioning operation start input.
  • Analog output

    A compact system that realizes high-accuracy analog output.
    The computer main unit and external analog I/O circuit are isolated with a digital isolator for improved noise resistance.
    Analog output can be performed each hour and in sync with external signals.
    The external control signal has a digital filter that prevents chattering.
    Buffer memory is provided, thereby enabling analog I/O in the background without depending on the operation status of the software or computer.
    All analog output adjustments can be made using software. No bothersome jumper settings are needed.
    In addition, adjustment information can be recorded and obtained according to the usage environment.

  • Stable, long-term supply

    CONTEC provides stable, long-term supply which are necessary for industrial applications and system integration.

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