Water Tank Monitoring System

System Overview

This system monitors water tanks installed in locations such as factories, hospitals, and public facilities. It can monitor water tanks from a remote location and give necessary notice.

Systems Diagram

The system performs monitoring of water tanks by measuring several operational items using sensors, and records the information collected.
By visualizing the water retention time in the tank and turbidity, the system can identify lowering water levels and declining water quality.
Preventive maintenance based on the collected data will prevent breakdown due to corrosion and other reasons, reducing operation costs.
Using "CONPROSYS" and "Cloud Data Service", customers can easily build the monitoring system.


  • Flexible interface and environment resistance

    Adoption of a stack type controller allows users to cope flexibly with an increasing number of measurement items.
    Additionally, the controller, which is capable of withstanding temperatures from -20℃ to 60℃, is suitable for outdoor installation.

  • Cloud server

    Our cloud server performs unified management of the operational status of monitoring points located throughout the country.
    The cloud server can be set so that it sends e-mail notification when a threshold value is exceeded.
    Controllers compatible with a 3G network are also available, enabling data transmission via mobile network.

  • Task control (CONPROSYS VTC)

    Using the collected measurement data, the CONPROSYS VTC function performs filtering of unnecessary data, calculation, and conditional judgment. E-mail notification is also available.

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