Retrofittable Wireless Signal Tower for Added Operation Monitoring Functionality
New Product Release: CPS-PAV Series Signal Tower Measuring Instrument
— A New Addition to the CONPROSYS™ Series of Industrial IoT Solutions

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 CONTEC Co., Ltd. has developed a solar battery-powered wireless communication module capable of being retrofitted to existing signal towers in order to detect the lighting status of signal towers while facilitating equipment operations monitoring. It started receiving orders for the new CPS-PAV Series of wireless IoT sensors from November 26, 2019.

A dedicated SD card and USB receiver are inserted into the master CONPROSYS™ main unit (sold separately)

The slave unit (CPS-PAV-AE01-JP) is mounted to the signal tower

Example system configuration

Type Model Number Description
Master unit set CPS-PAV-AES1-JP A dedicated SD card, EnOcean USB receiver, Slave unit(CPS-PAV-AE01-JP)
Slave unit CPS-PAV-AE01-JP Signal Tower Monitoring Slave Unit

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