New Product Release: An Environmentally Resistant IoT Platform, BOX Computer BX-R100 That Starts and Operates Stably in Temperatures from -40 to 70°C and Conforms to Railway Standard EN50155

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 CONTEC Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce our successful new development of environmentally resistant IoT device platform that conforms to railway standard EN50155 and provides edge computing for moving objects such as railroad vehicles and in harsh environments as well. We have begun sales of this product as the ”BX-R100(hereinafter new product)”, a new BOX Computer series from August 6, 2019.

BX-R100 BOX Computer BX-R100 series

Model number CPU Memory Storage OS
Intel Atom
E3845 1.91GHz
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016 64-bit (Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean)

 New product is equipped with Quad-Core Atom E3845 processor, starts and performs continuous operation in environments having ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C, and has vibration resistance up to 5 G and impact resistance up to 100 G. It conforms to EN50155 (Class TX) as an electronic device that can be used on railroad vehicles. This product provides powerful edge computing not only for moving objects such as railroad vehicles and automobiles but also in harsh environments such as societal infrastructure and energy, which were conventionally difficult to address.
 New product adopts M12 connectors both for Dual LAN ports (X-coded) and for DC power inlet (A-coded) and has various interfaces such as USB2.0, DisplayPort, RS-232C, SD Card Slot, PoE compliant LAN connector (A Port), having scalability and environmental performance required for moving objects such as railway application.

Overview / Features

  • Contributing to running cost reduction and energy efficiency

    Adopting the low-power platform of Intel® AtomTM Processor E3845 achieves lower power consumption while still ensuring sufficient performance.

  • Railway standard applicable

    New product obtained various standards required for the railway applications.
    EN55032, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55024,
    EN50155 *, EN45545-2, EN60068-2-1, and EN61373

  • Excellent environmental capabilities

    Capable of operating in the various ambient temperature environment with vibration and shock resistance.
    -40 - 70°C (When using 1000BASE-T : -40 - 65°C) : during forced air cooling 0.5m/s
    -40 - 60°C (When using 1000BASE-T : -40 - 55°C) : during natural air cooling Vibration resistance 5G, Shock resistance 100G

  • M12 connecter interface

    M12 connector is adopted for LAN(1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T) and for DC power.
    For LAN : M12 8pin X-Coded connector x 2
    For DC : M12 4pin A-Coded connector x 1

  • PoE(IEEE802.3at) power reception and adaptable to a wide-range power of 10.8 - 33.6VDC

    New product is adaptable to PoE(IEEE802.3at) power reception and capable of dealing with a wide range of power between 10.8 and 33.6VDC in the differing environment. In addition, both power supplies can be switched seamlessly (such as turning on the both power and disconnecting one of them. Applying DC power during PoE operation and disconnecting PoE).

  • Fan-less design that reduces maintenance and inspection work

    New product's spindle-less design eliminates CPU fan, and relieves the concern about dust or foreign matter to get into the product. The using parts that degrade over time is minimized to facilitate maintenance.

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