New Product Release: 30 mm Thickness Embedded BX-T210 Box Computer with Power Failure Protection System for Eliminating OS Shutdowns

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Contec Co., Ltd. has developed the BX-T210, 30 mm thick A5-sized fanless embedded PCs with a Power Failure Protection function for operation even in the event of a power failure, eliminating the need to shut down the OS. Contec began taking orders for the new product on February 2, 2021.

 30 mm Thickness Embedded Computer BOX Computer BX-T210

Model Wireless LAN・Bluetooth CPU / Memory Storage OS*
BX-T210-J104P03W19 - Intel Atom x5-E3940
/ 8GB ECC Memory
32GB SSD (iSLC) Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
BX-T210-J104M05W19 64GB SSD (MLC)
BX-T210R-J104P03W19 IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2
BX-T210R-J104M05W19 64GB SSD (MLC)
  • *
    Models without OS are also available.

Featuring a high-performance quad-core CPU, these embedded computers are compact at just 30 mm thick and about the size of an A5 piece of paper with an operating temperature range of −20 to 70°C*1. The superior 5G vibration resistance and 100G impact resistance means the BX-T210 can be used as controllers or operation terminals for industrial equipment in a variety of applications requiring environmental resistance.
The product also conforms to CE marking, FCC, VCCI, CCC*2, and UL*2 export and safety standards for separate export as maintenance devices.

With conventional Windows systems, a shutdown process is required to safely turn off the power, and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or a separate power supply system is required for applications where a main power switch is used to turn on/off the entire system. The Power Failure Protection system of this new product protects data and prohibits writing to storage in the event of a power failure so that the power can be turned off safely even without performing a shutdown process.

In addition to TPM2.0, secure boot, and other latest security features, the BX-T210 also features original Contec functions such as self-diagnosis and USB boot protection, ensuring the superior stability and security required for industrial applications.

Main Features

  • Extremely compact space-saving PC with an A5 paper installation area

    The space-saving design (30.3 x 182 x 155 mm (H x W x D)) of the BX-T210 allows for installation in an area roughly the size of an A5 paper with a clearance of only 50mm.

  • Capable of handling ambient temperatures of −20 to 70°C*1 with 5G vibration resistance and 100G impact resistance

    The BX-T210 operates stably over a wide range of temperatures (−20 to 70°C*1). Meanwhile, the 5G vibration resistance and 100G impact resistance allows for integration in various mobile devices.

  • Power Failure Protection system for reliable operation with no OS shutdown required

    The Power Failure Protection function protects data and prohibits writing to storage in the event of a power failure. When used together with the Windows IoT Enterprise lockdown (disk write suppression) feature, power can be safely turned off even without performing a shutdown process. This also helps prevent corruption of the file system and data due to sudden power loss.

  • Reductions in running costs and energy usage

    The BX-T210 uses the x5-E3940 high-performance quad-core Intel Atom processor to achieve low power consumption while still providing sufficient performance.

  • Rich variety of interfaces for easy connection to various peripheral devices

    In addition to one DisplayPort, four USB3.2 Gen 1 ports, two USB2.0 ports, and two LAN ports, the BX-T210 also includes an analog RGB port and two RS-232C ports (with RS-422A/485 switching in one port). A slot for easily replaceable CFast cards is also available for writing logs and other collected data. Wireless LAN and Bluetooth connections are also possible with the wireless model (BX-T210R).

  • *1
    In an environment with an air flow of 0.7 m/s.
  • *2
    Available in April, 2021.

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