New 10.1” Touch Display with Integrated Barcode Reader from Contec Americas Offers Long-Life HMI for OEMs and Retailers

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Contec Americas Inc. (Contec), a global electronics manufacturer and systems integrator, has added the CM-CL101P 10.1 inch touch display to its current line of medical and industrial monitors. The CM-CL1010P reduces costs for manufacturers by providing a multi-year production lifecycle with complete revision control throughout. This extended life cycle reduces the costs associated with testing and validation of new configurations due to obsolescence. The CM-CL101P has a modern, compact architecture and features an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner (optional), PCAP multi-touch technology, widescreen resolution, and a sealed front bezel to protect it from dust and liquid intrusion. This versatile design is adaptable to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including patient monitoring, point-of-care, genomics, point-of-sale, manufacturing, warehousing, and many others.

One of the most unique characteristics of the CM-CL101P is its fully integrated Zebra SE3307WA barcode scanner (optional). The scan engine is conveniently mounted along the side of the monitor for easy access and will read both 1D and 2D barcodes using a wide-angle field of view for optimal scanning performance. The monitor housing was custom designed for seamless integration with the scanner. The cables tuck neatly into the HDMI/power interface compartment on the back of the unit resulting in a sleek, modern look.

The CM-CL101P can be adapted to fit almost any application from retail to medical. Typically used as a human-machine-interface (HMI), the unit can be affixed to any device using a standard VESA mount in either portrait or landscape mode. Custom firmware installed on the BIOS supports a full-size Microsoft® QWERTY keyboard for improved data entry and ease of use. The sealed front bezel is IP65-rated for protection against intrusion of liquids or dust common in medical or industrial environments. Customers that don’t require the barcode scanner will have an available USB type B hub which can be used to power other accessory devices like a printer or external keyboard. Contec also offers customization and branding options including custom color and silkscreen logo.*

The advent of industry 4.0 and IoT is driving the need for efficiency and accuracy across every industry. The CM-CL101P offers retailers and OEMs a fully integrated, market-ready hardware solution enabling improved data integrity and productivity by its users. “We developed this monitor with extensive input from customers and market experts.” commented Jeannette Toews, Director of Display Solutions for Contec Americas. “It’s packed with a unique combination of features, functionality, and longevity that we think will check all the boxes for a wide-range of customers.”

You can learn more about the CM-CL101P 10.1” closed frame monitor on the Contec website. U.S. customers can buy online at the Contec eShop.

*Minimum volume requirements may apply.

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