New Contactless Touch Display from Contec Offers Safer Alternative to Traditional Touch Screen Kiosks

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Contec Americas Inc. (Contec), a global electronics manufacturer and systems integrator, has added the CM-PO190I 19-inch Contactless Touch Monitor to its current line of medical and industrial displays. Designed for use in kiosks and other interactive devices, the CM-PO190I replaces a traditional touch screen interface allowing users to control the device without physically touching the screen. Contec developed the monitor in response to increasing public concerns about the spread of infectious diseases fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic. By eliminating the need for contact with the screen, the CM-PO190I reduces contamination and improves public safety. Additional features like its rugged design, high bright display, and its simple, intuitive interface, make it a versatile solution suitable for multiple markets. Applications include kiosks for wayfinding, visual communications, education, self-service, and other interactive displays.

Image: Woman using CM-PO190I 19 inch Contactless Touch Monitor by Contec

The CM-PO190I uses infrared technology to track finger movements about an inch and a half above the screen. Unlike some other touchless technologies in the market, users don’t need to learn special gestures to control the device.

“It’s as simple as pointing your finger where you want the mouse to go,” says Jeannette Toews, Director of Display Solutions at Contec Americas. “We designed it to be intuitive with no special drivers or software required.”

In a recent survey, users were 46% more likely to use a kiosk with Contec’s contactless touch monitor compared to a traditional touch screen kiosk.* Respondents described the technology as “innovative,” “effortless,” “high-end,” and “necessary.”

The CM-PO190I features a durable, rugged design for reliability in heavily used public facilities. A chemically strengthened glass is applied to the front for added protection. The glass is 1.1 millimeters thick to resist scratches and abuse from everyday use and cleaning.

Additional features include:

  • 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution
  • USB touch interface
  • 450 nits high bright display
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • You can learn more about the CM-PO190I 19" Contactless Touch Monitor for kiosks on the Contec website. U.S. customers can buy online at the Contec eShop.

    *Hartman, K. Contactless Touch Kiosks Survey. [SurveyMonkey Audience]. September 2021.

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