New Product Release: BX-M2500 Trellix BOX Computer — An Embedded Computer with Factory System Security Countermeasures, NIST SP800-Compliant BIOS, and Anti-Ransomware Software

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Contec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka; President: Akira Ikari) has developed the BX-M2500 Trellix BOX Computer, an embedded PC with NIST SP800-compliant secure BIOS and Trellix Application Control security software pre-installed to protect against ransomware. Contec began taking orders for this new product on March 23, 2023.

Box computer BX-M2500 Trellix model

Model CPU / Memory Storage OS / Preinstalled Software
BX-M2500-J805L07L08W19B*1 Intel Xeon E-2278GEL / 16GB ECC 128GB SSD (TLC) + 256GB SSD (TLC) with Power failure protection system Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC *2 / Trellix Application Control
  • *1
    A wide variety of models with different CPU, memory, and storage variations are available. Visit the Contec website for more information.
  • *2
    Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)

The new BX-M2500 Trellix BOX Computer is an embedded PC with an Intel® Xeon® E-2278GEL processor, high-capacity memory, and high-capacity storage. Boasting security functions specified as countermeasures in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Guidelines for Cyber-Physical Security Measures for Building Systems,” the new product is a high-specification, secure model with a tamper-resistant BIOS compliant with the NIST SP800-147 security standard set by U.S. government agencies, a TCG TPM 2.0 module, and the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise embedded device OS with Trellix Application Control execution permission list (whitelist) anti-virus software—an endpoint security product from Trellix.

Cyber-attacks using WannaCry and other ransomware have been discovered in medical equipment, ATMs, digital signage, and other embedded devices as well as large-scale factory systems, and the number of attacks and the severity of damage has been increasing across the globe. In the first half of 2022, there were 114 cases of damages caused by ransomware reported to the National Police Agency. Cases with damages have been steadily increasing since the second half of 2020 regardless of the size of the company or organization or the industry. Ransomware attacks in Japan have affected automobile-related companies, semiconductor-related companies, and industrial equipment–related companies, with many companies forced to suspend production and sales activities.*3

Such cyber-attacks have been recognized as a management risk that affects entire businesses, making it necessary to take measures to protect embedded devices and factory systems from such attacks. However, it is still important for companies to utilize equipment operation data and find new ways to create added value, giving rise to the increasing need for connecting communications networks to the Internet, which in turn increases the number of security risk sources.
As the importance of security measures increases, traditional perimeter defenses are no longer sufficient in protecting against cyber threats. Adopting the idea that the Internet is no longer a generally safe place but one that is inherently bad, cyber resilience has become essential, and endpoint (device-level) security measures as well as perimeter defenses are becoming important.
Contec’s new product utilizes its NIST SP800-147–compliant secure BIOS to protect the PC during pre-boot processes while also providing powerful endpoint security functionality during post-boot processes, including the Windows lockdown function and the Trellix Application Control for preventing unapproved programs and scripts from being executed.


Mr. Yuichi Gonda, President of Musarubra Japan KK (Trellix), had this to say about the announcement of the new BX-M2500 Trellix BOX Computer.

We are pleased to announce that Trellix Application Control, our execution permission list security product, will be included as standard in the BX-M2500 BOX Computer from Contec Co., Ltd. As IoT continues to increase in factories, and network connectivity becomes more popular, the risk of cyber-attacks continues to increase, and the memory of ransomware incidents in 2022 remains fresh in our minds. Trellix’s permissions list–based solutions provide robust system protection against ransomware and novel malware, with adoption having passed 4 million embedded devices throughout the world. We are confident that the advanced security measures included in Contec’s new product will significantly improve business security and reduce supply-chain risks.

  • *
    In October 2021, Symphony Technology Group (STG) announced the merger of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye under a new trade name. The brand name changed from “McAfee” to “Trellix” in 2022.

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