New Product Release: XPT Series Panel Computers - Fanless Touchpanel Computer with 7th Gen. Intel® Core i7™ Processor

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Contec Co., Ltd. has developed the XPT-T1000 Series Panel Computers which are high performance Touch panel PC with 7th. Gen. of Intel® Core i7 processor (Kaby Lake ). Product shipments start on July 30, 2019.

XPT-T1000LX and XPT-T1000HX left: XPT-T1000LX (12.1-inch)  Right: XPT-T1000HX (15-inch)

Model LCD/Touchpanel CPU/Memory Storage (selection) OS (selection)
12.1-inch XGA/5-wire resistive film touch-screen Core i7-7600U/8GB
  • None
  • 256GB SSD(MLC)
  • 256GB SSD(MLC) ×2 RAID
  • 100GB HDD
  • 100GB HDD ×2 RAID
  • None
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean)
15-inch XGA/5-wire resistive film touch-screen

 XPT-T1000 Series (hereinafter XPT-T1000) is a fanless touch panel computer for embedded applications. It features an Intel Core i7 processor and panel mount. XPT-T1000 has high performance processor with three times processing capability (*1) and fanless (natural air-cooling) mechanism.
 The touch panel LCD is available in 12.1-inch and 15-inch, and 5-wire resistive film touch-screen makes it possible to achieve high durability. It has a variety of extended interfaces such as Dual 1000BASE-T ports, USB3.0, DisplayPort, DVI-D and RS-232C, and two slot-in type of 2.5-inch SATA disk slots. XPT-T1000 comes BTO (built-to-order), enabling customers to select their desired display, storage, RAID and OS in order to optimize the PC for their intended application or budget.

Overview / Features

  • Seventh Gen. Core i7 Processor Adopted

    Energy saving and high performance Core i7-7600U has been adopted. It saves power consumption and also provides high computing and graphic performances. Embedded-type CPU makes the stable supply possible.

  • Fanless Design Reduces Maintenance Work

    The product is fanless to ensure a totally spindleless design that simplifies maintenance, relieving the concern about dust or foreign matter to get into the product. Moreover, along with minimized use of degrading parts greatly reduce maintenance work.

  • Adopting a 5-wire Resistive Film Touch-screen Holds High Durability

    It has a 5-wire resistive film touch-screen that maintains high durability. The operating life is long-lasting of 36 million times. (*2)

  • Major Types of Peripherals Are Supported with Rich Interfaces

    Equipped with DVI-D×1, DisplayPort×1, 1000BASE-T×2, USB3.0×4, USB2.0×2, Serial(RS-232C)x2 and two slot-in type of 2.5-inch SATA disk slots.

  • A wide Range of Power Supplies (10.8 - 31.2VDC) Supported

    As the product supports a wide range of power (10.8 - 31.2VDC), it can be used in a variety of power environments. The separately available AC adapter adds support for 100 - 240VAC power.

  • Safety Design Required for Embedded Applications

    For Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC pre-installed type, it is possible to use the Unified Write Filter (*3) function of OS itself. It is designed for safety required for embedding purpose, for example, prohibiting unwanted writing to the HDD or SSD with Unified Write Filter function will relieve the concern about the writing limits to the HDD or SSD and prevent an unintentional system alteration.

  • *1
    The number indicates the difference of CPU bench score (PassMark) of adopted processor between Panel computer PT-S956 Series (on sale) and XPT-T1000 Series.
  • *2
    with Load 300g, Speed twice/second, by machine keying.
  • *3
    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC contains UWF (Unified Write Filter) function. It protects the disk from being actually written by redirecting data into such as RAM.

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