Bringing the Convenience of Raspberry Pi to FA and Measurement Control
New Models Added: CPI Series HAT-Size Card with Raspberry Pi® Support

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Contec Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639) has developed three new models and a DIN rail mounting kit for its CPI Series HAT-size cards for utilizing Raspberry Pi® computers in factory automation and measurement control applications. Sales of the new models and mounting kit started on November 2, 2021.

CPI-AI-1208LI(Left), CPI-AO-1602LC(Middle), CPI-CNT-3201I(Right)

Example usage of DIN rail mounting kit

Contec’s CPI Series HAT-size cards, which expand HAT specifications with multi-stage connectivity for general-purpose usability, have been available since April 2021.

In addition to the seven HAT-size cards currently in the CPI Series, these three new models will further expand the range of measurement control applications for systems with a varying number of I/O points and requiring the ability to handle a wide variety of signals.

In addition to easy DIN rail mounting, the new DIN rail mounting kit also enables various other mounting methods, including wall and desktop installation.

Under the motto of “Bringing the ease of PCs to FA,” Contec has been both a pioneer and industry leader in PC-based measurement control systems since the introduction of the first personal computers. Contec is reaffirming this dedication with the CPI Series of Raspberry Pi HAT-size cards.

Product Lineup

Model Function Specifications
【New】CPI-AI-1208LI Analog input card 12bit 8ch with bus isolation
【New】CPI-AO-1602LC Analog output card 16bit 2ch with channel isolation
【New】CPI-CNT-3201I Isolated 32-bit Up/Down counter card
【New】CPI-DIN01 DIN Rail Adapter
CPI-RAS Support for a wide range of power supply inputs (8 to 28 VDC), 5 VDC internal power supply
5 VDC external power supply output (with ON/OFF control), RTC (real-time clock)
WDT (watchdog timer), Hardware monitor (CPU temperature / power supply voltage)
LED lighting control (green/red), General digital I/O
CPI-DIO-0808L Isolated digital inputs 8ch and isolated digital outputs 8ch card
CPI-DIO-0808RL Isolated digital inputs 8ch (negative-common) and isolated digital outputs 8ch (negative-common) card
CPI-DI-16L Isolated digital inputs 16ch card
CPI-DO-16L Isolated digital outputs 16ch card
CPI-DO-16RL Isolated digital outputs 16ch (negative-common) card
CPI-RRY-16 Semiconductor relay outputs 16ch card

Main Features

  • Push-type terminal block for easy wiring

    The CPI Series includes a push-type terminal block for convenient, simple connection and disconnection of wired HATs without the need for tools or crimping terminals.

  • Stacked connection of up to 8 cards

    Contec has expanded HAT specifications to include address ID configurability, making it possible to connect up to eight stacked cards.

    • *
      Connection to HATs from other manufacturers is also possible.
    • *
      Use a Contec RAS function expansion card for stable power supply with stacked connections.
  • Free downloadable Python-compatible API and sample programs

    Linux driver (API-TOOL for Linux) can be downloaded for free from the company’s website along with sample Python and GCC programs, allowing users to begin programming right away.

  • API compatible with PC expansion cards

    Take advantage of API compatibility with Contec PCI Express, PCI, USB, and Ethernet-type measurement control devices. Development assets can be reused across multiple platforms.

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