PO-32L(PC)V Digital output ISA card 32ch (isolated 12 - 24VDC)

  • Discontinued
  • Standard Warranty3 yrs
  • End of Repair Service: 2019/06/28

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* The end of repair date may change depending on the situation.

  • Noise-protection nature is improving by Opto-isolated output.
  • Four groups and the digital current sink type signal of 32 points can be outputted by making eight points into one group.
  • Output rating is designed by the large scale of maximum DC+35V and 100mA (however, 1 common per a maximum of 2A) per point.
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Add-on Module

Bus Specification ISA
Size Half Size
Used Connector D-SUB 37-pin (Female)

Digital I/O

Input Channels -
Output Channels 32-ch
Bi-directional I/O Channels -
Response Time (Input) -
Response Time (Output) 1msec (max.)
Operating Voltage (Input) -
Operating Voltage (Output) 12 to 24VDC
Input Circuit -
Output Circuit Opto-isolated open-collector output (current sink type)
Built-in Power Supply -

Supported OS

Supported OS

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