Solution Engineering

System Integration: Project Team Solution Engineering

Contec provides Solutions Engineering and Design & Development services beginning at the product concept phase and continuing through prototyping, evaluation, regulatory & environmental testing, validation and production. Our Engineers are experts in embedded systems design and work with you to create a solution that meets all your performance & business requirements, life cycle parameters and regulatory mandate. We employ a multi-phased, team approach in our comprehensive design and development services. Each project team consists of a team leader and engineering specialists specifically selected for the project to create your system integration solutions. Transition from each design phase is marked by a rigorous design review and sign-off process.

Phase One:
Technical Consultation & Design
Phase Two:
Design Acceptance & Proof
Phase Three:
Development for Validation & Production
Phase Four:

Our expert team of professional product developers, engineers and certified technicians has the knowledge and training necessary to deliver proven results, whether in designing embedded hardware or in whole solution embedded system development. In addition to strong educational backgrounds, many Contec team members are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Certified Professionals, Linux+ Certified Technicians, CompTIA A+ Certified Technicians, and CompTIA Net+ Certified Technicians.

Our comprehensive engineering services offer you:

  • Design Engineering
  • Development Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Test Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Quality Engineering

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