Production Process "Andon" System

System Overview

This system helps to build Andon Systems, visual information boards of each process, used to indicate production status of each process in factories.
Andon Systems visualize status information of each process from collected data from PLCs in control of production information.

Systems Diagram

The system consists of CONPROSYS and digital signage players from CONTEC.
It collects necessary information from PLCs, which are in control of production information, by using CONPROSYS M2M Gateway to create Andon contents to be displayed.
The contents, delivered from the web server of CONPROSYS, are displayed on Andon boards through the digital signage players.


  • PLC communication function with multivendor and multiple interface support

    CONPROSYS M2M Gateway has a PLC communication function to enable data collection.
    Since its PLC communication function supports mixture of PLC vendors and various communication interfaces, users can collect information from multiple PLCs located in each process using only one M2M Gateway.

  • Easy development of Web monitoring screen(CONPROSYS HMI)

    CONPROSYS has an HMI function that helps to create Web monitoring screens using a Web browser without special development software.
    Andon display screen modification for production processes change is easily implemented.
    Multiple monitoring screens can also be created for individual processes and users.

  • Coordination with digital signage player

    CONTEC digital signage players has Web browsing and playback schedule setting function.
    This enable users to display Web monitoring screens created by CONPROSYS automatically.
    Switching among various Andon screens created for individual processes is also possible.

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