Solar Power Generation / Storage Battery System For Companies And Schools

System Overview

It is a solar power generation monitoring system equipped with a storage battery suitable for the installation of companies' own buildings, factories and schools. It monitors the power generation status of solar panels and the storage status of power conditioners with storage batteries.

System Diagram

The power generation and storage status can be displayed as a slide show on a large display. Original content can be added to the slide show. It is also can be used as a place to learn the importance of renewable energy and storage batteries for disaster prevention.


  • All-in-one compact measuring device compatible with storage batteries

    SolarView Battery is a quick start package that firmly suppresses the basics of the "visualization" function of solar power generation and lithium-ion storage batteries. In addition to measuring and storing power generation data and storage battery information, this unit also has a slide show function on a large display and a web display function via a network.

  • A slide show can be displayed on a large display

    SolarView Battery has a digital output interface that supports a wide screen of 1280 x 720 (720p), and connects directly to a large display to display the solar power generation status on a vivid screen. In addition, the display time of each screen of the slide show can be changed arbitrarily. A total of 15 screens such as measured value display, graphs, environmental contents, storage battery contents, and photo data can be displayed as a slide show. A display can be installed at the entrance or lobby of a company or school and used as an information dissemination tool for learning.

  • Convenient email notification function

    It acquires the operating status of the power conditioner and storage battery, and notifies the registered address by e-mail in the event of an abnormality. It is also possible to send an e-mail that periodically reports the power generation status or detects an abnormality in communication between the power conditioner and the measuring device.

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