New Product Release: PT-M12SA and PT-M15SA Series Panel Computers Featuring Analog Resistive Touch Panels and Intel® Atom® Apollo Lake CPUs

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Contec Co., Ltd. has developed two new fanless industrial computers with integrated touchscreens (models PT-M12SA and PT-M15SA) with analog resistive touch panels and Intel Atom E3940 quad-core CPUs (Apollo Lake). Sales of these new products started on October 21, 2021.

PT-M12SA-210 PT-M12SA-210

PT-M15SA-210 PT-M15SA-210

Model Mount type LCD size / Touch panel CPU / Memory / Storage OS
PT-M12SA-210-J104M05 Panel Mountable 12.1-inch XGA(1024 x 768) /
5-wire resistive
Atom x5-E3940 1.6GHz
Quad-core / 8GB ECC / 64GB SSD MLC *1
PT-M12SA-210-J104M05W19 W10IoTE *2
PT-M15SA-210-J104M05 15-inch XGA(1024 x 768) /
5-wire resistive
PT-M15SA-210-J104M05W19 W10IoTE *2
  • *1
    It is already built into the product. The capacity that can be recognized from OS might be displayed fewer than an actual value.
  • *2
    W10IoTE : Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)

These new products are fanless touch panel computers equipped with Intel Atom E3940 (Apollo Lake) quad-core CPUs with 12.1- and 15-inch touch panels.

The products are equipped with expansion interfaces including 1000BASE-T, USB 3.2 Gen1 (USB 3.0), USB 2.0, DisplayPort, analog RGB, M.2 card slots, CFast card slots, and RS-232C/422A/485.

The panel-mounted installation system allows embedding from the front of devices or other equipment, while the IP65-rated front section prevents intrusion of dust and water droplets. With similar panel cutting dimensions and physical dimensions, the new products are interchangeable with PT-956SLX and PT-956SHX panel computers, allowing for replacement with no major design changes.

Main Features

  • Adopting a 5-wire resistive film touch-screen holds high durability

    It has a 5-wire resistive film touchscreen that maintains high durability. The operating life is long-lasting of 36 million times. *3

  • Contributing to reduction of running cost and promotion of energy efficiency

    With the low power consumption platform Intel Atom processor E3940, this product achieves low power consumption while ensuring adequate performance.

  • "Power failure protection system" features power-off without OS shutdown

    Equipped with the "Power failure protection system" function that protects data and prohibits writing to storage in the event of power failure. Along with the lockdown (disk writing suppression) function of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, power can be safely turned off without a shutdown process. Moreover, file system damage or data damage caused by sudden power failure can be avoided.

  • High-security design contributes to a highly reliable system

    The latest security functions such as TPM2.0 and Secure Boot, as well as CONTEC's original functions including the USB Boot Protect are provided. This product is designed with the high security required for industrial applications in mind.

  • Contec-customized BIOS provides useful utility

    Useful utility of BIOS *4 customized by CONTEC is provided. The "CONTEC Fast Boot" achieves Windows startup in 10 seconds. *5 The "Disk Copy" function provides secure disk backup at the BIOS level, and also supports backup in file format or compressed file format. We also offer the CONTEC tools “BIOS update tool” for updating BIOS. *6

  • Fan-less design reduces maintenance work

    The product is fan-less to ensure a totally spindle-less design that simplifies maintenance, relieving the concern about dust or foreign matter to get into the product. Moreover, along with minimized use of degrading parts greatly reduce maintenance work.

  • *3
    With Load 250g, Speed twice/second, by machine keying.
  • *4
    For details, see each setting in the [BIOS Setup] section.
  • *5
    It is the actual measured value when Windows 10 and HORM function are enabled at the factory. Time may vary depending on configuration. Note that TXE, TPM, Network Stack, and SMART Self Test are not supported when the CONTEC Fast Boot is enabled.
  • *6
    Contact your retailer for more information.

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