New Product Release: New BX-U200 and BX-T210 Series BOX Computers for Reliable Operation with No OS Shutdown Required

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Contec has added nine new BX-U200 and BX-T210 Series BOX Computer fanless embedded PCs featuring a Power Failure Protection system for reliable operation with no shutdown procedure required even in the event of a power failure. Sales of these new models began on January 20, 2022.



BX-U200 Series

Model Wireless LAN & Bluetooth CPU / Memory Storage OS
BX-U200-NA01L07 - Intel Atom x5-E3940 1.6GHz /
M.2 SSD 128GB(TLC) None
BX-U200-W19M01L07 Win10 IoT*1
BX-U200-W19M01L07B Win10 IoT+McAfee*2
BX-U200R-NA01L07 IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2
BX-U200R-W19M01L07 Win10 IoT*1
BX-U200R-W19M01L07B Win10 IoT+McAfee*2

BX-T210 Series

Model Wireless LAN & Bluetooth CPU / Memory Storage OS
BX-T210-J104L07 - Intel Atom x5-E3940 1.6GHz /
M.2 SSD128GB(TLC) None
BX-T210-J104L07W19 Win10 IoT*1
BX-T210R-J104L07W19 IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2
  • *1
    Win10 IoT: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)
  • *2
    Win10 IoT+McAfee: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)+McAfee White Listing

The BX-U200 Series is an embedded computer the size of just two business cards—Contec’s smallest and lightest series—and available in 12 different models, including models with McAfee whitelist antivirus software. Meanwhile, the BX-T210 Series is a 30 mm thin embedded PC designed for IoT edge computing and available in eight different models, including wireless LAN/Bluetooth models.

The new models, which come standard with a Power Failure Protection system that eliminates the need for a shutdown procedure, bring the BX-U200 Series lineup to 18 models and the BX-T210 Series lineup to 11 models in total.

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