Contec motion control and Oriental Motor's EZ limo series electric slider usage example

Motion control has a key role in machining tools, robotic control, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, injection molding machines, and digital home electronics inspection machines. The equipment investment in this field has been growing largely in recent years.

Contec provides optimal solutions to customers by combining our motion control products and Oriental Motor’s EZ limo series electric slider for workpiece transporting and various positioning, and automated inspections with a CCD camera.

In this usage example, we introduce the EZ limo series electric slider, an all-in-one electric slider, motor and controller. The electric slider portion allows for higher accuracy and more usability during installation, including mounting and wiring. The motor portion adopts a highly reliable, high-speed stepping motor with high load capacity. Combined in one controller with the functions required for positioning electric sliders, this allows for easy operation.

Built-in motor electric slider EZ limo series Oriental Motor provides a wide variety of electric actuators integrated with motor and mechanism parts. Introducing an extensive lineup of optimal products for machine-controlled design of automated equipment and labor-saving manufacturing. More information on EZ limo series [Click here to visit Oriental Motor's website] * The use of corporate name, product signature, and graphics is approved by Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.

4-axis high functionality motion control board [SMC-4DF-PCI] and EZ limo EZS series connection example

This is an example of using a 4-axis high functional motion control board [SMC-4DF-PCI] with the EZ limo EZSⅡ series.
Dedicated terminal block which enables easy wiring is used for the connection. For this example system, PCI expansion adaptor and PCI expansion chassis to laptop computer is used as controller and it operates bi-axis control (X-Y). A laser pointer is connected as a carrier.

Configuration of motion control devices by Contec

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    No need for expansion adaptor and expansion chassis when controlled on PCI bus mounted desktop PC

Configuration of devices by Oriental Motor

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    The use of corporate name, product signature, and graphics is approved by Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.

Connection of laptop PC, expansion chassis (SMC-4DF-PCI inserted) and dedicated terminal block

  1. Insert expansion adapter to Card Bus slot of PC and connect to PCI bus expansion chassis.
  2. Insert motion control board into expansion slot of PCI bus expansion chassis.
  3. Connect connector of motion control board and CN1 of dedicated terminal block with connection cable.

Connection example of dedicated terminal block, motor controller, electric slider and peripheral devices

Dedicated terminal block and motor driver wiring example

  1. Connect I/O connector parts of each axis motor controller with [CN2] and [CN3] of terminal block using I/O cable. Connectors and connector cover for connection to terminal block are supplied with electric slider.
  2. Connect with motor parts of each axis using connection cable for axis.
  3. Connect sensor unit [±LIM (limit point), ORG(origin point)] of X-axis and Y-axis to [CN6] and [CN7] of terminal block.
  4. Connect power supply unit with [CN10] of terminal block. Connect from [CN10] to each power supply parts of motor controller. The power supply of slider and sensor unit is supplied from power supply pins of each connector.

Connector wiring diagram with motor driver

This is an example of connecting [CN2][CN3] of dedicated terminal block [CCB-SMC2] with user I/O connector of motor controller. For this connection case, motor controller is set as [controller mode].

Connector wiring diagram with sensor unit

This is an example of connecting [CN6] and [CN7] with a sensor unit (±LIM, ORG) attached to an X-/Y-axis electric slider body.

EZ limo EZSⅡ series electric slider programming example

This is a sample program which operates under this system structure. Initial setting is embedded, capable of each motion including JOG, PTP, ORG right away with target motor indicated below. The main points of the program are listed with easy-to-understand comments.

Compliant motor
EZlimo EZSⅡseries Oriental Motor’s electric slider
Programming language
Visual Basic 2005
Pulse output mode
2 pulse type [Positive logic]
ORG motion setting, general I/O setting
Origin return end direction: CW direction, Z phase: inactive General I/O setting
IN1: Alarm (positive logic)
IN2-IN6: general-purpose (negative logic)
OUT1-OUT3: general-purpose (negative logic)

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