Programming Example

Basic programming with high functionality motion control driver API-SMC (WDM)

This section explains sample programs operable with target motor below. You can learn basics of motion control programming using high functionality motion control driver API-SMC (WDM).
Driver and development environment, motion control device setting and visual basic project preparation is all completed for this example. For the detail, please refer to help file and instruction manual of driver.

Motion control device
4-axis high functionality type motion control board SMC-4DF-PCI
Compliant motor
Oriental Motor’s electric slider EZ-limo EZSⅡ seriesnew window
Development environment (development language, OS)
Visual Basic 2005, Windows XP Professional

Source code of sample programs is attached with user-friendly comments for easy understanding of processes and contents

Programming process of motion control

The basic process of motion control programming using our high functionality motion control driver is as follows: Initialization processing → Initial settings → Basic movement settings → Motion start/stop processing → Finalization processing. Various motion control process is easily realized by utilizing embedded high performance functions.

Basic movement programming example of motion control

Basic movement of motion control such as PTP, JOG, ORG (origin return) movement programming used for this programming is briefly explained.

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