CONPROSYS VTC(Visual Task Control)(Built-in)

Easy processing and control

Drag function icons from the tool box to the grid area. A variety of task processing can be added with these intuitive operations. There is no need for knowledge of programming languages or for a special development environment. A variety of tasks such as device I/O, calculations, flow control, character string operations, cloud data transmission, and file operations can be set easily from a web browser in the same manner as drawing a flow chart..

  • Up to 30 kinds of function-icons support you scripting easily
  • Up to 10 main tasks and 10 subtasks are supported
  • Data linking with CONPROSYS HMI

Device setting, data saving, and script debugging are completed with a Web browser

Support multiple platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Linux)

CONPROSYS VTC is easy and convenient

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