Application Examples and Case Studies

Easily Realize Various Systems from IoT Startups to IoT for Facilities in Multiple Locations
Attain the increase of productivity and added-value by Industrial IoT solution.

Case Studies

Use products:CONPROSYS®PAC series
System and Software Development Company into Agricultural Sector. Carry out Melon Cultivation Automation with IoT Solution
Use products:CONPROSYS®M2M series
Implementing M2M/IoT Solutions in Our Own Plant: Realizing Visualization for Revolutionary Enhancement of QCD

Application examples

Initial an Industrial IoT with CONPROSYS IoT Startup
  • Facility monitoring
  • Environmental measurement

CONPROSYS can be used to start a system for the monitoring of existing facilities using a minimal initial investment. CONPROSYS IoT devices have a built-in web monitor function and script control engine. Connecting sensors and actuators to an M2M Controller and Modbus devices and PLCs to an M2M Gateway makes it possible to immediately start monitoring facilities and measuring the environment.



Inputs such as contact, voltage / current, accumulation pulse etc.
Utilizing data of Modbus devices and PLCs
Visualization of machine operation data

Supporting Process Reform of Manufacturing Industry.Initiative of the Industrial 4.0 IoT-based Factories
  • IoT-based factories
  • Machine equipment operation management

CONPROSYS IoT devices have a built-in OPC UA server function. This makes it possible to use a SCADA system equipped with OPC UA client function to visualize the operating status of machine equipment. By making use of the open technology that complies with international standards and that is proposed by CONPROSYS, it is possible to carry out future investments in a scalable manner and with no waste such as by using MES/ERP linking to optimize supply chains and by implementing mass customization that uses the IoT.



Indicator lights, sensor inputs, CNC
PLC data usage
Storage, management and visualization of operation data OPC Client (MT-LINKi, other SCADAs)
Actuators and indicator lights

Adding New Value to Businesses with Simple Cloud Services Manages Infrastructure Facilities of Multi-locations
  • Manages infrastructure facilities of multi-locations
  • Monitors plant facilities

The CONPROSYS can be used to quickly construct work systems that make use of cloud technology to manage the operation of and perform predictive maintenance in multiple locations. CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service 2, a cloud service for data management, can be used to perform data linking with external machine learning and analysis tools by way of an API. CONTEC is your one-stop solution for everything from IoT devices to server management.



Inputs of indicator lights and sensors
PLC data usage
torage, management and visualization of machine operation data

CODESYS, a Sequence Control Software Using Open Technology Forward to the global factories of the next generation
  • Real-time control
  • Smart agriculture plant

With the CONPROSYS PAC Series, it is possible to develop programs in an international-standard language that complies with IEC 61131-3. This makes it possible to apply PLC development technology to a variety of fields. The built-in web monitor function makes it possible to easily visualize data.



IEC 61131-3-compliant CODESYS
EtherCAT communication
Visualization of operating data


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