New Product Release - EU and US models of the CONPROSYS™ CPS-PAV Series, Signal Tower Measuring Instrument that Retrofittable Wireless Signal Tower for Added Operation Monitoring Functionality

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 CONTEC has developed EU and US radio wave compliant models of solar battery-powered wireless communication module capable of being retrofitted to existing signal towers in order to detect the lighting status of signal towers while facilitating equipment operations monitoring. It started receiving orders for the new CPS-PAV Series of wireless IoT sensors from August 18, 2020.

A dedicated SD card and USB receiver are inserted into the master CONPROSYS™ main unit (sold separately)

The slave unit (CPS-PAV-AE01) is mounted to the signal tower

Example system configuration

Type Region Model Number Description
Master unit set EU member states, England, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, China CPS-PAV-AES1-EU A dedicated SD card, EnOcean USB receiver, Slave unit(CPS-PAV-AE01-EU)
Slave unit CPS-PAV-AE01-EU Signal Tower Monitoring Slave Unit
Master unit set The United States CPS-PAV-AES1-US A dedicated SD card, EnOcean USB receiver, Slave unit(CPS-PAV-AE01-US)
Slave unit CPS-PAV-AE01-US Signal Tower Monitoring (Slave Unit)

 This new product includes a wireless IoT sensor (CPS-PAV-AE01) (hereinafter, “Slave unit”) that mounts to signal towers in order to read lighting statuses, as well as a set (CPS-PAV-AES1) (hereinafter, “Master unit set”) that includes a dedicated USB receiver for the CONPROSYS™ controller, an expansion SD card, and one slave unit.

 Wireless communication over the EnOcean 868.3MHz (EU model), 902.875MHz (US model) frequency—known for being resistant to radio interference—is used for communication between master units, while slave units are powered by both solar and lithium batteries (battery life up to 6 years*). This enables retrofitting to existing signal towers to be performed easily so that users can start monitoring equipment operations quickly and without the need for troublesome electrical wiring. In addition, time-series based graphics for obtained data can be viewed on a Web browser just by using our easy-to-use monitoring software, which includes Andon displays, Time-series graph displays and Equipment map displays. Furthermore, by using the CONPROSYS HMI drawing tool included with the CONPROSYS™ main unit (sold separately), screens can be customized as desired to enable various forms of task processing to be performed. Master main units that can be used with the CPS-PAV Series include CONPROSYS™ M2M Controller Series models and M2M Gateway Series models equipped with various communication functions and I/O interfaces (excludes models whose interface does not include a USB port or SD card slot).

 CPS-PAV Series slave units are compatible with PATLITE LR Series signal towers and can be used in severe environments such as factories with high levels of moisture and dust thanks to their excellent environmental durability (IP65-compliant, operating temperature range: -20 to 60°C/-4 to 140°F). The CPS-PAV Series also helps users address problems at production sites caused by production efficiency decreases due to frequent line stoppages or human resource shortfalls resulting from insufficient numbers of factory managers and engineers by enabling them to optimize maintenance cycles using breakdown prediction and preventive maintenance, while simultaneously shortening downtime to improve operating ratios and contributing to labor-saving measures.

  • *
    Calculated based on 12 hours of operation using solar batteries during daytime hours (under lights) and 12 hours of operation using lithium batteries during night hours (in darkness).

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