Multi-vendor Compatible PLC to IoT M2M Gateway Series

A single CONPROSYS controller can collect data from multiple PLC controlled equipment.
M2M Gateway series supports devices from a variety of vendors,
including Mitsubishi’s MELSEC series, Omron’s Sysmac series, JTEKT’s TOYOPUC series, Panasonic FP series, and Keyence KV series.

Firmware Version Upgrading History - CONPROSYS M2M Gateway for PLC CPS-MG341

Supported Product Models


New Function Communication Execute the firmware update of the LTE module.
model: CPS-MG341G2-ADSC1-N001
Displayed LTE module version of the model below.
model: CPS-MG341G5-ADSC1-931、CPS-MG341G2-ADSC1-N001


New Function Communication The support for the FacilityView function started.
SD card write-protect function enabled.
The support for the OPC UA client function of Node-Red started.


New Function Communication Support for requesting DHCP clients with broadcast flag ON/OFF.
Management Added "Wireless LAN Alive Monitoring" item to the Wireless LAN Settings screen.


Security Added the following vulnerability countermeasures.
1. OS Command Injection Vulnerability
  In the following page, the entered value is not properly validated, which makes it possible to execute OS commands.
 [Network] maintenance page, [Mail] setting page, [Static Routing] setting page, [Port Forwarding] setting page, [IP Filter] setting page
2. Firmware tampering vulnerability
 Firmware structure can be analyzed due to insufficient cryptographic strength of firmware update files.
3. Vulnerability to inadequate access restrictions
 Network maintenance page originally accessible only with administrator privileges can be accessed with normal privileges.


New Function Communication The support for the BACnet client function started.
Management Added protocol setting to port forwarding function.


New Function Communication The support for the BACnet server function started.
Management The function to set startup data was added to the TAG settings of the tag edit function. Product concerned : CPS-MG341G5-ADSC1-931


New Function Communication The support for the router function started.
DHCP server, static routing, port forwarding, and IP filter functions were added.


Communication Changed the number of TOPICs for MQTT publish/subscribe to a maximum of 16.
Added "1 min" setting item to Cycle of LTE Alive Monitoring on the LTE setting.
Added "2: SD card error" and "3: write error" for "SD Recognition" in Modbus status.
Management The functions “Forced Reboot” and “Repair SD and Reboot” are added.


New Function PLC The support for the PLC Mitsubishi MELSEC Q/IQ-R/IQ-F series Ethernet communication 4E ASCII started.
NTP Rebooting function for NTP time synchronization service was added.
Communication Changed the method for transmitting blank data to Azure.
Management For the "Auto Backup Folder", when there is no free space on the SD card when creating a new compressed file (YYYYMMDD.tgz), added the process of deleting the oldest compressed file to free up space.


Communication Problem Fix : The first MQTT transmission by VTC does not work.


New Function Expansion SDK Add custom type [file].
Management Add a function to terminate the process of writing to the SD card when updating.
Add a process to write unprocessed data in the cache to the SD card when updating.
Management Changed 100msec interlock of scan interval to 10msec in PLC device settings.
The LED control processing for shutdown by the MCS341 series power switch is integrated with the processing by the MC/MG341 series shutdown switch.


Communication Changed the method for transmitting Japanese data to Azure.
Added a setting to enter the PIN code if the SIM is locked.(CPS-MG341G5-ADSC1-931, CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-930)
Added AT command history on the log page.
PLC Added settings for Mitsubishi MELSEC FX Series PLCs.
Communication method : Ethernet
Format : BINARY
Management Added a function to restart the device when kernel panic occur.


Communication Added the function to reassign the IP address when the IP address of the wired LAN (eth0) is lost.
Management Changed the restoring function to restore the specified or all items.
Expansion SDK The device file that can be used in the expansion SDK custom program was added.


New Function Communication The support for the LTE and SMS functions started (CPS-MG341G5-ADSC1-931).
Management The industrial value conversion function for analog input values was added.


New Function Communication SMS function was added to the product 3G model(CPS-MC341G-ADSC1-110).
Management SD card was added as a destination to download the backup file to.
The restoring function was changed to restore the specified items.
Files are able to be sent and received to and from multiple FTP servers.
The prohibited character "." to be used in the middle of a folder name was changed to a permitted character.
The number of characters for a password was increased. (30 to 64 alphanumeric characters) in the [Mail] setting page.
On the [Time] setting page, the function was changed to write the time in temporary storage space and RTC by clicking the “Update” button.
Communication The settings of the "Server Connection Timeout" and the "Data Transfer Timeout" were added in the [Data Transfer] function and the[FTP Put] function.
PLC The amendable sections were increased in Link config, CPU config, and DEVICE config of PLC setting.
OMRON PLC CS / CJ series device (extended data memory) was updated.
MQTT The number of characters for a client ID was increased. (23 to 256 alphanumeric characters) in the [MQTT Connection] page.


New Function Management The setting of NTP synchronization time became available.
The support for the PLC Mitsubishi MELSEC FX series file register (R) started.
The setting of the PLC Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-F series was added : (Comm method:Ethernet, Format:Binary, Frame:3E).
The support for the PLC Mitsubishi series Ethernet UDP communication started.
Modbus The support for the single holding register writing (function code : 0x06) started. The register range : for reading/writing of PLC communication data (0x2000 - 0x47FF) (Modbus Slave function).
Modbus area web monitoring function/writing function were added.
Extension SDK The support was added for the extension SDK USB serial device to be controlled by custom program.
Functional Improvement Communication For FTP function, made the folder hierarchy settable from VTC.
Management The support for the PLC Mitsubishi series Ethernet UDP communication started.
MQTT The number of MQTT publish/subscribe data were increased up to 3000 for each cloud key.
The support for CSV import/export for the data settings in MQTT publish/subscribe were added.
Enable and disable functions for each data in MQTT publish/subscribe were added.
Two types for the publishing options in MQTT publish setting were added.
Changed for cloud key to be specified when STAG is set for payload in MQTT subscribe setting.
Rebooting function for MQTT service was added.
Modbus Areas for Modbus holding register were added. For reading/writing of PLC communication data (0x2000-0x47FF).


New Function Communication MQTT Client function was added.
Specifying and function for destination service were added in data transfer settings.
New support for wireless LAN USB was available.


New Function OPC UA Added OPC UA functions. The Listen port is able to be edited. The Response Address is able to be edited.
Management Compatible PLC added - OMRON SYSMAC CP (Ethernet / Serial) series.
Functional Improvement Communication Supports restart function of Data Transfer, PLC, 3G, 920MHz and OPC UA.
Management Changed the default value and setting range of PLC setting.
The number of configurable items listed below for PLC setting was increased.
  CPU : 30 to128
 Device : 100 to 256 (the number of configurable devices)
Displaying a warning popup was added when the pre-set user password is remained as the default settings.


New Function Communication Compatible PLC added - Panasonic PLC FP7 series Ethernet(MEWTOCOL-COM,MEWTOCOL-DAT).


New Function Management Increased the user management function. Limitations on the functions for a general user are changed.(Administrator only)
Communication Compatible PLC added -Panasonic PLC FP7 series Serial(MEWTOCOL-COM)
HMI The operation status graph is added in HMI graph item.
Functional Improvement VTC Added TAG information import / export function.
Tasks in up to 20 pages are able to be edited, saved, and debugged.
TAG and STAG variables are increased up to 500.
The Comment setting, Display, and Monitoring functions are added.
Communication Wireless LAN encryption support. * When using a compatible USB wireless LAN dongle


New Function Communication TOYOPUC Ethernet communication extended command-compatible - K1 , V1 , TC1 , L1 , X1 , Y1 , M1 , S1 , N1 , R1 , D1 , B1 , K2 , V2 , TC2 , L2 , X2 , Y2 , M2 , S2 , N2 , R2 , D2 , B2 , K3 , V3 , T3 , L3 , X3 , Y3 , M3 , S3 , N3 , R3 , D3 , B3 , EB_9 , EB_A , EB_B , EB_C


New Function VTC Calculating control was added.
For system information control, the contents such as serial number were added.
Functional Improvement Management Upgrade WEB setting screen
I/O Added digital filter setting function.


New Function Communication Compatible PLC added - MELSEQ iQ-R series(normal,duplex).
FTP client function was added.
Functional Improvement Management Added an intermediate authority group, User (user) between the group of Root (Admin) and Other (guest).
Communication Data format was added in PLC device settings. - Holding Register 0x2000~0x2400 → 0x2000~0x4800
Modbus address to store PLC data was extended. - Unsigned 16bit data / Signed 16bit data / Unsigned 32bit data(BE) / Signed 32bit data(BE) / Unsigned 32bit data(LE) / Signed 32bit data(LE)
VTC "String treats as" property was added in each control of Calc String and Split String.
"Get data size" was added in Action property of Str2Num control.
FTP(Put) and FTP(Get) controls were added.
Data format settings in Input Modbus and Output Modbus were added. Unsigned data(16bit) / Signed data(16bit) / Unsigned data(32bit) / Signed data(32bit) *For 32bit data, word order can be selected from little-endian or big-endian.


New Function Management The group which has the intermediate privilege between the root and the other was added. (The group name: User)
Communication Supports MTConnect conmmunication (CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931 , CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-930).
Functional Improvement Communication STAG was added in OPC UA tree (CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931 , CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-930).


New Function Management Supports CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-930 with OPC UA server function.


New Function Communication Support communication with FANUC CNC (Model 931 exclusively).
Azure data sending function became available.
Functional Improvement Management Administrator setting function was added. Separate into two groups of Administrator (root) and General users (other).
File compression function in Auto backup folder was added.
Start-up process of the DIP switch changed. - When DIP-SW1 is 2:ON 3:OFF, IP starts with default state. (login user should not be default state)
Communication TAG00 to 99 were added in the OPC-UA tree.*CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931


Functional Improvement Management Supports the CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931 with OPC UA server function.
Communication Supports Mitsubishi Q series binary communication. / Added Mitsubishi FX3G and FX3U definition. / Added Mitsubishi iQ-F (FX5U) and iQ-R(RxxCPU) definition.
I/O ・Supports TP-LINK USB Wifi.
Functional Improvement Management Updated Kernel.
Enhanced Modbus Slave function. System information was added to 0x5000 and later addresses of the input register.


New Function Communication Mail sending function was added.


Functional Improvement Management Added Proxy setting for the network setting.
Communication Added "CDS2 format" and "Cloudkey" for Data transfer setting of CDS2.
VTC Added "Datetime(CDS)" for VTC log control.
Added a name "Second" for a file that was sent to Cloud server from VTC.


New Function VTC Greatly improved the task script function CONPROSYS VTC.
HMI Substantially improved monitoring function CONPROSYS HMI.


New Function Management Released the first edition.
Supports CPS-MG341-ADSC1-111 and CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-111.

CONPROSYS Gateway Configurable Type CPS-MGS341

Supported Product Models


Functional Improvement Management ・Displayed LTE module version of the model below.
 model: CPS-MGS341G5-DS1-130


New Function Management ・Released the first edition.
 model:CPS-MGS341-DS1-131, CPS-MGS341G5-DS1-130
 model:I/O module applied

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